The United Arab Emirates, one of the most successful Gulf countries, is known to create history in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, while preserving its historical cultures and traditions in the small desert villages. The monuments In UAE are both the remains of the past as well as the future that has been preserved to bring in the sense of pride and possibility, instead of just making it a representative image for the world to see.

For a richer historical tour Abu Dhabi, should vouch for your attention, as it is the capital of the Emirates and has rich history about the Bedouin tribe. There are a lot of monuments and sights that depict the life of the tribe before oil was discovered in Abu Dhabi and it changed the face of United Arab Emirates. Read on to find out about the rich monuments of the city and for your next tour Abu Dhabi will be the perfect place.

Qasr Al Hosn Fort

Built originally in the 1760s, Qasr Al Hosn fort was a watchtower, overlooking the sea and was used for the city’s water source before expanding in the early 1800s. It became the main seat of power as the successive sheikhs continuously fortified the compound. The fort is one of the oldest building in Abu Dhabi and has become a popular historic landmark which was occupied until 1966. Impressive historical photographs and oral testimonials bring the fort back to life and makes it a key symbol of the Emirati culture, heritage and tradition.

Al Jahiri Fort

One of the most historic places of UAE, the picturesque Al Jahiri Fort was built in 1891 in order to defend the city and its precious palm groves. The fort was a former headquarters for the Oman Trucial Scouts that kept peace between inter-tribes and protected the mountain passes. The fort was also a residence for the governor of the United Arab Emirates. The fort is set in a landscaped garden created beautifully and visitors are encouraged to explore the place.

Emirates Palace

An iconic, real landmark of Abu Dhabi, this luxurious hotel is a mixture of luxury and latest technology that will create a magical and memorable experience for those who are planning to visit this places. The main palace stretches over a kilometre and the gardens and other surroundings are spread through a vast area of over 100 hectares. The hotel has a total of 114 domes and the interiors of the hotel are dominated by gold, crystals and mother of pearl. Featuring 1002 chandeliers in the entire hotel and two handmade wall carpets that perfectly portrays the palace.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The largest mosque in the world, with a capacity for over 40000 worshippers in its premises, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an architectural work of art. Featuring 82 domes, gold gilded chandeliers, over 1000 columns and world’s largest hand knotted carpet, the pools surrounding the place amplifies the beauty of the mosque. The mosque also features world’s largest chandelier that weighs over twelve tonnes, 10 meters in diameter and over 15 meters in height.

Yas Viceroy

A true architectural winner, this iconic, five-star hotel is one of the world’s first to include an F1 race track, which is beautifully built, half on land and half over water. The hotel has a unique grid shell, a 219 metre expanse of curvilinear glass steel that covers the drapes over the two towers of the hotel, linked by the bridge that crosses the Formula 1 circuit. This grid shell has a lighting system that incorporates video feeds which are broadcasted over 5096 diamond shaped glass panels that changes colour.

If you want a monumental tour Abu Dhabi has many more famous sights that you can visit and learn more about the life of the Emiratis.