Abu Dhabi Ferrari World, the first ever Ferrari themed amusement park is every speed lover’s dream come true. Being the only amusement park of its kind, Abu Dhabi Ferrari World has given the capital of UAE added fame and revenues making it richer by the day. Built on the man-made Yas island, this amusement park includes rides and other attractions for people of all ages.

The indoor theme park with the infamous red roof has a lot of rides that claim to be some of the fastest ones in the world. Read on to find out about the fastest Ferrari rides that you can experience in the park.

Formula Rossa

The world’s speediest exciting ride gives daredevil a definitive adrenaline surge with a turbo-charged Ferrari experience. Get strapped into a Ferrari F1 carriage that rockets along the tracks achieving 0-100 kmph in under two seconds, quickening to 240 km/h. Equation Rossa re-enacts the heart-beating surge of what it resembles to drive a Ferrari F1 racer and you’ll see Yas Island vistas at high speeds and from more than 50 meters off the ground. You’ll be required to wear protective eyewear to shield your peepers from the wind drive created by the liner’s g-compel and amazing speeds, in a coaster fuelled by a similar sort of water driven winch framework used to launch jet planes. Some may very well need to close their eyes, in any case. For speed-monstrosities and daredevil who completely should ride the quickest crazy ride on earth, this is an absolute necessity. The world-renowned attraction is a definitive, high-power objective, so ensure you continue with the line – it’s certainly justified regardless of the wait.


This adorable little ride is a smaller than expected amusement of well-known Italian cityscapes and structures. The moderate moving ride is reminiscent of “It’s a Small World” in California’s unique Disneyland Park and is an appreciated help from the quicker moving rides in the indoor amusement park. Bell’Italia highlights 17 stops over a 6,300-meter squared range passing the pleasant Portofino and the Amalfi Coast, continuing to the Monza circuit, the Colosseum in Roma, the channels of Venezia and Maranello, the home of Ferrari.

Fiorano GT Challenge

This energizing “dueling” coaster sends two trains of three Ferrari F430 Spider carriages careering along parallel tracks in a high-octane race to the complete line. The principal excite ride of its kind in the area, Fiorano GT Challenge tears around barrette hands over a rapid duel between two trains to achieve the complete line. There is never a tie and dependably a champ and a loser on this ride.

Karting Academy

Propelled amid the F1 season in November 2014, Karting Academy is a hands-on, adrenaline-fuelled racing background. Regardless of whether an amateur or a genuine sprinter, guests to Ferrari World can test their racing aptitudes on board propelled electric controlled go-karts and challenge family and companions around a 290-meter track. You’ll achieve rates of up to 80 kmph. Among the safest rides of its kind on the planet, Karting Academy is ensured fun and presents some genuine boasting rights.

Scuderia Challenge

This is the nearest you will get to turning into a F1 driver without really venturing into a car. The Scuderia Challenge is a cutting edge test system based on the expert preparing test systems utilized by the Scuderia Ferrari drivers. This is a level of authenticity path beyond an arcade amusement, giving visitors an essence of a genuine racing knowledge. Sitting behind real Ferrari F1 steering wheels in genuine Ferrari seats, you can explore the adjacent Yas Marina Circuit, either racing against your friends in a group of eight or in an individual time trial.

Flying Aces

Motivated by the incredible ‘expert of aces’ pilot, Count Francesco Baracca, Flying Aces is a crazy ride like no other. Load up your military bi-plane and scale 63 meters at a spectacular 51-degree incline. Feel your heartbeat race as you fly through the world’s most astounding roller coaster loop and hit paces of up to 120km/h. Flying Aces is another one of its kind ride which you will only be able to find at Abu Dhabi Ferrari World. The design and the storyline of the ride are deeply rooted in the rich history of Ferrari.