It is good to be spontaneous, but it is even better to be planned, especially when it involves a trip. Planned tours in Abu Dhabi can end up being your most cherished vacation. A good Abu Dhabi city tour will be your perfect vacation, as you get to see the best of Abu Dhabi. However, this tour needs to be planned. And you also need to know a few travel tips that will add more joy to your vacation. So, here are a few tips you should know before you pack your bags for Abu Dhabi.

Cover Up – Though Abu Dhabi is a tourist haven, it is still a strict Islamic city. Therefore, always dress appropriately wherever you go, especially while visiting mosques. There are places like water parks, beaches where you can wear shorts, swimsuits, etc. However, such clothes are to be avoided in public. You can wear good cotton clothes to manage the heat. Also, most of the city is air-conditioned, so the heat won’t be a problem when you are indoors.

Enquire About Customs Laws in your Country – Abu Dhabi means shopping. Yes, you will end up buying a lot of things like clothes, electronics, gold jewellery, etc. So, it is better you know about the laws in your own country about bringing in such products, especially gold. Abu Dhabi being a tax free city, imposes no taxes on such products. So, people like to shop here, as it proves to be relatively cheaper than their own country. So, be sure to know the custom laws.

Smoking & Drinking – Smoking and drinking in public is a big no. There are hotels, restaurants, and clubs where you can drink, and enjoy a smoke in the smoking room. But do not do it public. Buying liquor bottles is also quite difficult, as you need to have a license. However, you are so going to enjoy in Abu Dhabi, that you will not need a smoke or drink to have a great time.

Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Though not a compulsion, but your tours in Abu Dhabi should include a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Your trip would be considered incomplete if you do not visit the mosque. It is the largest mosque in the Middle East, and the final resting place for Sheikh Zayed, the emir of U.A.E. The Grand Mosque is aptly named so, as it is an impressive structure made of gold, precious stones, and marble. There are many huge domes, and pools in the mosque, and the grand prayer halls has the world’s largest handwoven carpet. Be sure to check up on the ‘Mosque Manners’ on their official website before a visit.

Transport – Getting around Abu Dhabi is easy. If you are not part of a planned tour, you can still easily get around. There are taxis all around, and they will stop wherever you hail them. Many places also have dedicated taxi stands. Since oil is cheap in U.A.E., taxis are quite affordable. There are also Hop On-Hop Off Tours that let you see all the attractions in Dubai.

Tipping – Since Abu Dhabi is a tourist city that sees a lot Westerners, tipping has become a part of the culture. However, there are some hotels, and restaurants that already charge you 10% on your bill as a service charge. So, you can choose not to tip in such places. But in place where you do tip, please leave a tip in cash, and not your credit card payment.

Plan the Trip – Gone are the days where you had to land in a country, and then meet with local tour operators. Now, you can completely plan your trip with professional tour operators well in advance. Abu Dhabi has so much to offer that you won’t be able to see everything with an unplanned trip. So, make a list of attractions you want to see, and book a trip where you can see and get to do all of it. This is the best way to experience Abu Dhabi.

Make sure you follow the above mentioned tips to truly enjoy your tours in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is one of the greatest cities of our modern times. Amazing architecture, great lifestyle, amazing attractions, and the wonderful people, Abu Dhabi is the stuff dreams are made of. Take an Abu Dhabi city tour, and see all the amazing things Abu Dhabi has to offer.