Owing to the pleasant climate, blue skies and warm sea in Abu Dhabi all year round, it provides a perfect place to enjoy different water activities. Water activities have become an integral part of United Arab Emirate’s age old culture and heritage. The capital city of UAE is known to host major water sport events which attracts many fans of the sports and tourists who want to be a part of the same. Abu Dhabi provides some of the best water sports facilities which serves to the growing number of marine sports fans in the city.

For exploring the water sports in the Middle East try one of the many tours Abu Dhabi has in store for you to boost its tourism and trade. For people coming on short and long tours Abu Dhabi has special water activities for them to indulge in. Some of these water sports are quite popular in the city and are mentioned below.

Abu Dhabi Jet Ski

One of the most sought after and top listed water sports adventure in Abu Dhabi jet ski has become popular due to its rules and safety measures. They are extremely strict on age restriction being over 18 years and ought to be a sure Jet Ski driver. On the off chance that you are not sure it’s prompted for you to take a specialist or contract a coach to go with you. In the interim you are exhorted for safe Jet Ski driving in Abu Dhabi as no reckless Jet Ski driving is encouraged which brings about a burden to people in general or others particularly the guests who are unwinding in the shoreline. Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the best places for Jet Ski rental.

Liwa Loop

Fans of adrenaline surges ought to attempt Liwa Loop, the principal looping waterslide in the Middle East. Once you’ve moved inside the capsule, you’ll hear a commencement then the trapdoor underneath you open. You’ll drop 16.5m, higher than a double decker bus, at 64km/h. Frightening! The momentum carries you along the 260ft slide in an upside-down manner.


If you feel that water sports are an excess of exertion, have a go at zooming around on an inflatable donut. The Watercooled gang at Hiltonia has formed an inner tube into a pontoon with handles for you to cling to while you’re yanked around by a speedboat at 32km/h. As the watercraft weaves in tight circles and figures of eight, you’ll be flung around till you drop out, which is a piece of the good times. Up to three people can ride at once, and a ride endures 10 minutes. Another establishment Ghantoot Water Sports offers a similar service for two to four people.

Stand up Paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding SUP or paddle boarding for short is the most recent rage in water sports. Once you’ve attempted it, you’ll understand why: it’s reasonable, you work out your entire body, it can be as tender or extreme as you prefer and it’s appropriate for families. In case you’re gutted you missed the paddle boarding celebration at Emirates Palace a year ago, agree to accept the free celebration at Yas Marina April 17-18. You can likewise have paddle boarding lessons at any given time.

Pearl Diving

The Yas Pearl Diving Experience at Yas Waterworld allows visitors to dive five meters to the bottom of a submerged tank in a journey to gather three oysters with pearls inside. Enlivened by the Emirati convention of pearl diving, you need to hold your breath all through. The one-hour experience happens four times each day and is appropriate for anybody more than eight. You get the chance to keep the pearls you find.

Wake boarding

Wakeboarding is a blend of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. A wakeboard is littler than a surfboard, however unlike to a surfboard it is connected to your feet. Wind and waves aren’t required, because a speedboat pulls you along – you ride its wake, which is the place the name originates from. Watercooled offers 20-minute lessons which incorporate a five-minute coaching session on the shoreline. Toward the finish of the lesson you’ll have the capacity to stand up – to what extent for is impossible to say. Ghantoot Water Sports additionally offers the game, Wadi Adventure in Al Ain will from May; Al Forsan International Sports Resort likewise offers it aside from a cable pulls you around without a boat.